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Less is more.


It’s amazing how the house is always clean, now. The beds are made and the laundry is done. The dishes are put away and no shoes to trip over in front of the couch. I think I miss all the above…I think.

Those things I was strongly against doesn’t seem so irritating. Could it be because there is nothing to be irritated about or were they really not that important? Could it be that everything is finally as I like it?

I’m not sure what is going on here! These mixed emotions are making me feel guilty, guilty because I’m starting to enjoy it. It feels great having the house run the way you like it, except there’s only me enjoying it so much. A little guilty…I am. What was so wrong in the first place of having a smooth running home? Did it not make them feel as accomplished as it did me?

Well, one thing for sure, less is more. I do less cleaning, less delagating, less stressing, and less complaining.

Vivian Maldonado