610 Loop


Soon after I received my driver’s license, I started my (Houston) 610 Loop sessions.  The first time I drove on this amazing interstate of connected cement was just to familiarize myself where it would take me.  It fascinated me to know I could start at any on-ramp and end up back in the same location once I made the complete loop.  I was hooked! 

There were no interruptions, no masking, no conversations, no yelling, no drama, and no expectations while the radio was blasting!  What I accomplished in these 2 hour sessions at least once a month was life saving for me.  It was a comfy blanket that would wrap me up in peace and rock me back to the strong woman I needed to be to protect me from that dark demon(self destruction).


This 610 Loop helped me become an awesome driver, of course, but more importantly it helped me through childhood glimpse of nightmares, move on from breakups, write songs, pray, get closer to God, make life changing decisions, get a grip on my brothers death, calm down and just relax me from a stressful day.  Oh, this 610 Loop was my escape and my nudge in the right direction (no pun intended). 

The sessions became far apart since my first 610 Loop intervention almost 20 years ago but every now and then, instead of driving to get a grip, I take this amazing 610 Loop when life is good, I take myself on a session of thankfulness, recollection, and heart searching.  It takes much longer than 2 hours now but it’s still worth it…for different reasons now but so worth it!



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